There are many resources for parents who are separating on the Resolution website, including resources for children, further reading and parenting after parting workshops.

An excellent starting point is the Resolution booklet “Separation and Divorce”. There is a text-only version on the Resolution website, or you can order it for £4.99 including postage and packing from Resolution with this order form.

Resolution also run parenting workshops for separated parents. These have had extremely good feedback.

The book was written by Christina McGhee, an American “divorce coach”. Although her website is geared to the US audience, it is nevertheless a useful resource. is a website with a wealth of material for what to do with your children from cooking to making things. Some stuff is free, and for an annual membership fee of £9.95 you can print out things like recipe cards and emergency ruled paper for homework help.

Youth Hostels in England and Scotland are cheap family-friendly places to stay when taking children to see things on weekends or holidays.

CAFCASS has produced a “Parenting Plan” booklet to help parents come to agreements about the arrangements about their children. They have also produced guides called “My family’s changing” for younger children and for older children. You can download all three brochures via the links or order free hard copies from The Stationery Office bookshop.

If you cannot agree, mediation is an inexpensive way to find solutions outside the court system and it is particularly suitable to resolve issues about children.

12 May 2016 by Andrea Woelke