Andrea Woelke

Andrea is a specialist in family law with particular expertise in international family law, child abduction and cohabitation.

Andrea is also a mediator and collaborative family lawyer.

He takes the view that family law does not have to be about litigation in the courts, stuffy procedures and language only lawyers understand. If court proceedings are necessary he takes a robust approach without losing the overall picture, including the legal costs of the litigation.

Andrea has extensively written and lectured on family law in England as well as in Germany. He is an authority on civil partnership, registered partnership in the UK for same-sex couples.

He is the author of Civil Partnership, one of the leading text books on this subject. He is also a co-author of Model Letters for Family Lawyers, in which he shows how legal concepts can be expressed in clear language that everyone can understand, as well as “International Aspects of Family Law” published by Resolution.

Andrea was for many years a member, and for a period chairman, of the Resolution International Committee. He is also a former Chairman of LAGLA, the Lesbian and Gay Lawyers Association. Andrea is fluent in German and speaks several other languages. Many of his cases have a German or other international aspect.

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20 February 2019 by Andrea Woelke